"I had Maite coaching me for my second marathon and she was amazing, my training with her was a great and positive experience. I ran my best runs while following Maite’s training plan and best of all, I had no injuries and I was 100% on race day. She is an experience runner,  who knows what she is doing and she looks after her clients very well.

I highly recommend Maite to any runner wanting to training the right way. " Carla Moore

Carla Moore
Barbara Campos

“ I am a UltraRunner, winner of 24 hours in Barcelona in 2019, with many years of racing in my legs, I appreciate to have a coach like Maite who makes a completely personal training plan for me and checks all the time, how am I doing, how was the training, the resting or any doubts I will have about food and hydration. She is not only a awesome trainer, I can count her as a friend and completely recommend her to follow your goals and dreams.”

Barbara Campos

"I am a sailor. My preparation includes all aspects of a sport: strength, agility, endurance, flexibility, in every moment of a race we demand from our body very specific and varied skills. Sailing positions are not always natural and it is easy to hurt your back.

Maite knows perfectly this sport and she develops an individual training system thinking in your needs and of the work you are going to develop on board. That allows you to reach the competition at the maximum of preparation and also sure that you are prepared to avoid injuries. I also value her advice on nutrition and her knowledge of natural methods of body care. For me it is a peace of mind to count on her, she is a great support, always willing to solve doubts and listen".

Helena Alegre


"I am a working mother and I need to be back in shape, without the hazard to go to the gym.

With Maite everything is easier, with her closeness, motivation and strength it is impossible to give up. She is a great professional and person, that is her hook. If you are lucky enough to fall into her hands, you will succeed."

Isabel Cotelo

"I am a retired woman that needs to get back the strength, so I can keep moving around, without feeling weak or in pain.
Maite made me an exercise plan, help me to understand the movements in person and now I am working out everyday in my home. At the same time she is doing therapy for my back and shoulders. I feel so much better!" 
Margareth Peel

Margareth Peel