Nomads Sports and Coaching are completely personal plans, online or face to face.

There is almost too much information available on the internet, we are bombarded with what we should do.

But ... Where to start?

Everything seems very complicated and not adequate to you.

You are not sure how to train, to prepare for a race, or simply to loose weight and get healthy on your own?

How does it work?:

I will answer any doubts you have, unlimited consulting in person, by email, message or video calls.

I will provide and help you with all this:

Classes in person.

Personal training plans by email. 

Videos explaining the exercises. 

Stretching and mobility sessions. 

Recovery tips and sportive massage.

Relaxation and meditation. 

Nutrition advice.

A personal trainer makes the difference!

From any kind of fitness, no matter if you are a beginner or you want to start racing, I can help you!!