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Get in shape with me!


Welcome to Nomads Sports for active people.

Since ancient times there are two kinds of people : sedentary and nomadic. If the sedentary lifestyles increase all causes of mortality, why not be more nomad, more active?

From anywhere you can contact me for a completely personal plan, pursuing  your goals and achieving a better version of yourself.

In these difficult times, there are more people that don't want the hazards of going to the gym and would prefer to train at home or outdoors enjoying the scenery around them.

With no materials, simple and easy, you can get fit. Contact me and we can adapt a training plan to your situation, no matter what the level of fitness or the available time you have. You own the perfect machine to do it and that is "Your Body".

With the training and my help, you will feel amazing, motivated and in better shape than ever before.


Let's start today!